10 Best CBD SEO Companies & Services

The marijuana niche in the USA and Canada is thriving. With more companies appearing in the market, the competition increases, and the need for the best CBD SEO companies appears. It does not matter which business in the cannabis industry you are running, be it a dispensary or sales of weed accessories, the digital presence is crucial. So, keep reading this review to get to know the names of the 10 companies that offer cannabis SEO services.

10 Best CBD SEO Companies in 2022

In a highly digitized world, it is crucial to ensure that any business you are running has a digital presence. When it comes to CBD SEO, local and national SEO efforts should be combined with other effective tools and approaches and then included in an effective promotional campaign for your CBD business. Here are the top-10 companies that will definitely increase the position of your website on the results pages of search engines.

Company name Founded Clutch Rating Pricing Employees
MjSeo 2020 5 stars (7 reviews) Medium 50-100
HigherVisibility 2009 4.8 stars (13 reviews) Medium 50 — 249
SEO Sherpa 2012 5 stars (8 reviews) N/a 10 — 49
Marijuana SEO 2015 N/a Medium 10 — 49
NisonCo 2013 3.9 stars (4 reviews) N/a 10 — 49
Netmark 2007 5 stars (2 reviews) Medium 10 — 49
DMA Digital Marketing Agency 2002 3.7 stars (3 reviews) High 50-100
Marijuana Marketing Gurus 2016 N/a N/a 10 — 49
Marijuana Marketing Xperts 1997 N/a N/a N/a
Ready Green N/a N/a N/a N/a

MjSeo Agency

It is a relatively young company in the niche. However, it has already gained its reputation among the best CBD SEO companies. With more than 150 professional SEOists employed, this agency will undeniably select a customized strategy that will help your marijuana business. They are using not only widely recognized tools and software but also in-house developed services, which makes the process of strategy creation, as well as tracking the results more effective.

The agency is specialized in SEO for marijuana businesses, therefore, the solutions they offer are tailored to the specifics of the niche. And there is a lot to take into account, including the legislative requirements in every state and province, as well as SEO tactics that will not violate the terms of search engines.

It is also crucial to mention that aside from preparing a custom CBD SEO strategy for your cannabis business, the agency offers such services as website development, content writing, and a chance to hire a dedicated team that will work on the search engine optimization of your website. You can get in touch with the representative of a company to find out what it can do for your canna-business.


The digital marketing agency offers a wide spectrum of services, and CBD SEO services are among them. It is located in Memphis, TN, and is actively working in the USA market in such niches as legal, automotive, SaaS, plastic surgery, hotels, etc.

Among its services, it is essential to mention penalty recovery which might be a good option if you have experienced problems with penalties from search engines. The agency works with big businesses and small enterprises. And as the name of the agency suggests, it undertakes to increase the visibility of websites online.

There is also a service of franchise SEO, which is quite useful for businesses that have franchise chains in the country and abroad. One can get in touch with this CBD SEO company to find out what exactly they can offer to their cannabis business and get a free quote for the services that this agency suggests for the website to be ranked higher, thus, helping to achieve the bottom line of the business — attracting more leads and increasing a profit.

SEO Sherpa

The next CBD SEO agency on our list is located in Dubai. Working for almost 10 years, this company has achieved international recognition, which is confirmed by the following rewards:

  • MENA Search Awards Best SEO Campaign Winner of the years 2018 and 2019;
  • Best Large Agency in the years 2018 and 2020.

Despite the location in the UAE, the employees of the agency work remotely all over the world. They are scattered across 12 cities in five countries. Among the main values of the company is the value of every team member. Therefore, the SEO company undertakes that all the work is done by in-house specialists their clients can rely on.

The agency manages to work on the optimization of around 75 companies of different sizes — from start-ups to popular brands.

Marijuana SEO

This CBD SEO agency is specialized in working with cannabis businesses. Therefore, as a client, you can expect a strategy and solution tailored to the specifics of the market. It has been included in various rankings of the top promotional companies in the marijuana niche. Thanks to their medium pricing policy, they have managed to attract more than 50 active clients that they are serving to improve their online visibility, as well as to support the achieved results. Since search engine optimization is an ongoing process, long-term cooperation with a chosen SEO company is essential.


The company works with leaders of the cannabis industry to develop a personalized approach to marketing, SEO, and PR for a marijuana business. One of the key steps to be taken, according to NisonCo, is to ensure the right coverage and post the proper content in the right places.

This company is actively working with clients in the cannabis niche, however, it is not the only industry it works in. Among other customers of this agency, there are also non-profit organizations and enterprises from the energy & natural resources industry.


The next CBD SEO agency we would like to mention is Netmark which offers a full spectrum of services in digital marketing. It works predominantly with small businesses and also offers programming and scripting services.

Those companies who are looking for ways to improve their online reputation might pay attention to Netmark since it offers reputation management service that includes search engine optimization, as well as building new effective content to help businesses achieve their bottom line.

DMA Digital Marketing Agency

This company works in many industries, including hospitality, SaaS, healthcare, and financial services, with the cannabis niche being among them. It has offices in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, UAE, as well as other European and Asian countries.

The range of services is really broad: from PPC advertising and content creation to web design and mobile app development. This company undertakes to improve the online visibility of a company that requests its promotional assistance.

Marijuana Marketing Gurus

The agency offers its services to marijuana companies that struggle to improve their rankings online. Thanks to web development, marijuana SEO, cannabis branding, and social media strategies they use, their clients can expect an improvement in their positions on the SERP.

The team of this CBD SEO company works in the niche since 2016 in this company. However, overall, they have decades of experience in SEO, in particular, in the cannabis niche. On its official website, there is also a blog with useful publications related to the promotion in the marijuana industry.

Marijuana Marketing Xperts

The agency is a division of V Digital Services and its main focus of activity is on helping cannabis businesses to improve their digital presence. With the range of CBD SEO services they offer, they undertake to increase the revenues of businesses through expanding their customer base and delivering a considerable ROI.

Ready Green

This CBD SEO company offers a range of services to improve the visibility of an online platform for cannabis businesses. Among them are branding and advertising, social media marketing and PR, web design, and SEO. This agency is working exclusively in the marijuana industry. Therefore, their approaches should be industry-specific. The company is based in Irvine, CA, so it is convenient for clients from the USA and Canada to cooperate with this agency.

How Does CBD SEO work?

The peculiarities of SEO promotion for a cannabis business are related to legal restrictions, as well as policies of search engines and social media. Therefore, regular promotional approaches might turn out to be ineffective, even more so, they might lead to negative consequences if a platform is penalized because of violating some of the terms.

That is why SEO for CBD is intended to attract organic traffic to a cannabis-business website, be it a dispensary or a store selling marijuana, cannabis products, accessories, and other related items. The possibility for your potential customers to find you online is one of the primary targets of search engine optimization for cannabis businesses.

A professional SEO company will undertake all the necessary steps to make sure that a cannabis business will achieve its bottom line. But in the first place, it is crucial to carry out an audit that will help to identify the ways to promote a marijuana business. Depending on the results of the audit, an agency will suggest a strategy the implementation of which will positively influence the position of the website on the SERP page. Among other approaches and strategies, CBD SEO services might include increasing the site’s domain authority:

  • Regular posting of useful content on the website and populating it.
  • The creation and submission of the sitemap.
  • Internal linking between the pages of a website.
  • Using Google Search Console, in particular, its URL inspection feature to get the pages of a cannabis website indexed faster on the search engine.
  • Social media marketing should be used as a part of the overall promotional strategy.
  • Optimizing meta tags.

Undeniably, these are just a few steps that need to be taken to help cannabis businesses increase their digital presence and attract more clients. It will be undeniably necessary to develop an effective link-building strategy after the website is duly optimized. If you are running a dispensary, you cannot do without local SEO that foresees including the website and information about a company in local directories.

Why is SEO important for CBD Companies?

Search engine optimization is vital for almost any brand, especially in the cannabis niche since it is the simplest and most effective way to establish interaction with customers. Search engine optimization improves the accessibility and visibility of the information you post online. But the real efficiency of the work of a specialist is demonstrated not only by the growth in the number of views of your resource. A competent optimizer allows the brand to move to a new level of development, by establishing the closest possible contact with the direct audience. More so, thanks to carrying out SEO, implementing various marketing techniques becomes more effective.

Here are the main reasons why CBD businesses need SEO:

  • Search results, in most cases, are the main source of traffic, especially if talking about the marijuana niche. Since their restrictions on using Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, SEO attracts the major part of the traffic to a cannabis website.
  • SEO increases trust from users and search engines.
  • It helps to understand consumers. During carrying out keyword research, analysis, and investigation to select keywords and topics for a site blog, businesses learn more about their consumers and their needs and expectations of cannabis enterprises.
  • Quality user experience depends on SEO since the better a website is optimized, the faster it loads and the more convenient it is in use.
  • Local SEO improves engagement with your audience. If you are running a dispensary, applying local SEO techniques is an effective way to drive not only online traffic to a website but also foot traffic to a dispensary.
  • SEO affects the lead lifecycle.
  • SEO is dynamic and constantly changing, which means that businesses need to keep an eye on updates of search engines and regularly optimize their websites so as not to lose their position in the SERP. If a business owner is not ready for such ongoing work, hiring an SEO team is a wise decision.
  • SEO is cheap and cost-effective, especially compared to other means of advertising.
  • SEO is a long-term strategy. Even though the requirements of the industry are constantly changing, it does not mean that it will be necessary to change everything every time a search engine announces an update. If a website is duly optimized, supporting it is not complicated. However, requires the professionalism of specialists.
  • SEO can be measured thanks to numerous available tools. So, businesses can estimate the effectiveness of CBD SEO campaigns.
  • Everyone who is not on the first page loses, which is not just a statement. It is based on statistics and investigations.
  • SEO is here to stay. And no business, regardless of niche, can do without search engine optimization.

How to choose the right cannabis SEO agency?

If you have understood the benefits of website optimization for your cannabis business, it is wise to entrust this task to a professional agency. Of course, it is possible to find a company that offers SEO services in many industries. However, working with an agency that specializes in cannabis promotion is a good idea since the specialists of such a company do not need to spend a lot of time researching the niche. Aside from the experience in the marijuana niche, it is crucial to pay attention to such factors:

  • The speed of communication: Send a request and determine how long it takes to receive a reply.
  • Customized approaches and strategy: It is possible to evaluate what an agency offers. Is this a one-size-fits-all approach or a customized one? Otherwise, there will be no effects from such a strategy.
  • Expertise and professional achievements: It is crucial to cooperate with a cannabis agency that has rewards and high ratings or reviewing sites like Clutch.
  • Recommendations from colleagues and friends in the industry: If any of the partners or other companies you are cooperating with have high positions on the SERP, ask them to recommend a CBD SEO agency.


In 2022, it is impossible to run a cannabis business without implementing SEO techniques and strategies. And entrusting the task to a professional agency is an effective way to improve the ranking of a website. In this way, cannabis SEO experts will effectively work to promote the website, while you will be working on servicing clients that will come thanks to using promotional techniques. After all, attracting clients is not the final goal. It is necessary to retain them and convert them into satisfied clients who will come back for products and services to your marijuana company again.

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