AAA Car Insurance Review for 2022

An American Automobile Association’s (AAA) membership offers more than roadside assistance and discounts on travel activities. The company provides AAA auto insurance to its members.

What makes this auto insurance different, besides needing a membership, is that each of the 25 AAA Auto Clubs in the United States and Canada is independent and offers various insurance options. 

This AAA review will look at the types of car insurance you can get with a membership, the benefits that come with AAA insurance coverage, the company’s customer service rankings, and more. 

What Types of Car Insurance Can You Get from AAA?

As long as you are a member and pay your fees on time, you can access many benefits. Many AAA clubs provide and sell insurance through various insurance company underwriters. So, based on your location, you may find additional discounts, coverage, and benefits.

AAA, like other insurers, will offer you the most common insurance coverage:

  • Liability 
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive 
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist 
  • Personal injury protection 
  • Medical payments

Some coverage and benefits are limited to certain areas. Sometimes you will find them in a standard policy or will be able to add them for an extra fee:

Digital Proof of AAA Car Insurance

Insurance card on smartphone

By using the AAA mobile app, you can get some insurance-related features. For example, you can provide digital proof of insurance through the app if you get pulled over or are involved in an accident. There are even some locations where you can get an insurance quote or pay your bill with the app.

Benefits of AAA Membership 

Depending on the affiliate of AAA, members can get specific car insurance discounts, including:

You can also get the following discounts at some affiliates: membership, education, occupation, anti-theft device, paperless bill pay, multiple-policy, new car, homeowners, and the ability to pay the premium in full.

Any AAA affiliate discounts will differ depending on the state where you live. Therefore, be sure to check your local AAA club to check the exact deals available to you. Also, it’s important to note that your location will also impact who underwrites your insurance policy. A third-party company not connected to AAA may underwrite the policy in some cases.

What are AAA’s Car Insurance Costs?

Becoming a AAA member is required if you’re interested in car insurance. The AAA Classic/Basic membership will cost you $40-$74 per year, depending on where you live. AAA Plus will cost you around $60-$124 per year, and AAA Premier goes for $77-$164 per year. Benefits increase depending on the level of membership you select.

Dangerous driving in bad weather

The cost of AAA auto insurance varies depending on your state, so you need to check with your local AAA branch to get the specifics. When you calculate the overall annual cost, make sure to add the membership fee to your budget.

According to The Zebra, AAA costs an average of $151 per month.

Also, keep in mind that every insurance company calculates insurance premiums on a case-by-case basis. Insurers consider factors like age, gender, geographic location, and driving and credit histories. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors affecting car insurance.

Will How Much I Drive Impact My Quote? 

Car odometer showing mileage

Yes, your quote will be affected by mileage per year. While it is challenging to get nationwide numbers for AAA as it is an umbrella for 26 independent auto clubs, let’s look at the numbers for AAA Northern California, Nevada, and Utah. 

Using data Kelley Blue Book obtained from Savvy, if you drive your vehicle up to 3,000 miles per year, you’ll pay an average of $168.15 every month. But if you drive between 15,000 to 20,000 miles annually, your monthly rate jumps to $427.02. Driving your vehicle more miles will affect your car insurance rate. As mentioned above, AAA provides up to a 19% discount if drivers allow the insurer to check annual car mileage.

Savvy collects data from consumers’ current policies, including rate information, age, marital status, and other demographics. See more about Savvy’s methodology.

Driving History

Your driving history is one of the most significant factors AAA will consider when formulating your quote. Take a look at’s data in the table below. 

Age Clean Driving Record Poor Driving Record
21 $310/month $480/month
30 $217/month $334/month
42 $186/month $289/month


People putting seatbelts on

As a result of a poor driving record, you can expect to pay at least $100 more every month. Therefore, regardless of age, a 21-year-old with a clean driving record can expect to pay $310 on average a month. However, if the driver has a poor driving history, their rate will go up to $480 a month. 

So, what qualifies someone as having a bad driving history? Insurance companies most often consider two things: DUIs and at-fault car accidents. 


A recent government study reports that one-third of all deaths involve DUI drivers. A DUI citation is a severe offense. You can expect your premium to go up after you get one, no matter which insurer you choose. The bottom line is that if you get a DUI, insurers will consider you a riskier driver. 

The average annual penalty following a DUI is 65%. Though it is difficult to get exact nationwide numbers for AAA, we can look at the numbers for California. According to The Zebra, following a DUI citation, drivers can expect an insurance increase of $1,086 annually on average. Therefore, while driving under the influence is never a good idea, it’s also not good on the pocketbook.  

Car Accidents

Insurers do not take lightly to at-fault accidents. The Zebra says that the average penalty drivers can expect is $767 per year. Keep in mind that your yearly rate will increase for up to five years after your accident.

Credit Rating

Credit history will significantly impact the quote you receive from any insurer. Although the practice is unlawful in California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Michigan, most insurers in all other states take your credit history into account for car insurance.

According to a study by The Zebra, a poor credit score can skyrocket your premium by as much as 115%.

What are AAA’s Customer Satisfaction Rates? 

Woman filling out insurance customer service survey

J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study ranked one of AAA’s independent affiliates — The Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group — as No. 3 overall with above-average satisfaction with a score of 897. That’s ahead of the industry average of 880. The study looked at 7,345 auto insurance customers settling claims.

On the other hand, another AAA affiliate, Automobile Club Group, ranked below average in satisfaction with a score of 863.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ National Complaint Index, here’s a look at consumer complaints to three of the affiliates in the latest data from 2020. The index is always at 1, meaning that any company with a complaint index of 2 is twice as high as expected.

  • Auto Club Insurance Association – 1.85
  • Auto Club Group Insurance Company – 1.79
  • Auto Club South Insurance Company – 0

While NAIC reported in its index that the Auto Club South Insurance Company showed no customer complaints, the Auto Club Insurance Association and Auto Club Group Insurance Company came in with above-average complaints.

The data emphasize how AAA auto club performance can vary depending on location.

Company Overview for AAA

Founded in 1902, AAA was a pioneer in launching different driver safety programs. Its first program with a school safety patrol opened in 1920, which was just the beginning of its involvement in traffic safety. Later, in 1947, the organization set up the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. In 1998, almost a century after its creation, AAA was named the number one traffic safety partner of President Clinton’s administration.

AAA Historic photo

The company now provides coverage to members, including AAA auto. AAA caters to 60 million members across the U.S. and Canada.  

AAA’s financial strength is excellent, with its insurance agencies receiving ratings ranging from A+ (superior) to A- (excellent) from A.M. Best. 

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