All You Need to Know About Water Chillers

How on earth would we be able to live comfortably at home, or how would we be able to sustain our daily work chores, without water chillers? Well, we would all probably drop face-first to the floor due to dehydration! But, don’t you know that water chillers could also be placed under the sink? Yes, that is what we call under bench water chiller. An under-sink water chiller dispenser can give you cold, refreshing and thirst-quenching water any time of the day, and there’s no need to open the fridge every now and then. Here’s a little of all you need to know about under bench water chillers.

24/7 Access to Cold, Thirst-Quenching Water

What would you do if there’s no cold water available? Would you sulk, and not drink at all? (Even if you’re so thirsty already?) Worse, you might even be forced to buy a can or bottle of soft drinks to quench your thirst, which is not a very healthy thing to do!

The good thing with having an under bench water chiller at home or in the office is that you will have 24/7 access to cold, refreshing water. This should come handy especially during the hot and sizzling summer months.

It Improves the Taste of Water

Another major perk of having an under bench water chiller a home or in the office is that they help improve the taste of water. Whether it’s because of fluoride or chlorine, depending on where you live your tap water might have that unpleasant, or even pungent smell or taste. Well, a high-quality under sink water chiller could easily fix that, and greatly improve the taste of your water.

However, odor or the poor taste of water isn’t the only thing that an under bench water chiller can be of good help to you, but it can also remove a lot of unsafe chemicals and contaminants from tap water, like lead, mercury, herbicides and pesticides.

So, an under bench water chiller can indeed make the water much healthier in every conceivable way, both through eliminating unhealthy and hazardous contaminants, as well as by adding a host of healthy minerals that are good for your body.

In households with children, it’s of utmost importance and value to have a clean and high-quality source of drinking water. By using an under bench water chiller, your kids or nephews won’t fall prey to unhealthy drinking water, which can stifle their growth and development, as well as cause dreadful diseases and infections.

They Require No Additional Space

Another major perk of having an under bench water chiller at home or in the workplace is that they do not require additional space, and they’re nicer compared to countertop water chillers. While yes they may take up some space under the sink,that is definitely much more preferable than the alternative!

They’re Fairly Easy to Install

Another major benefit of using under bench water chillers is that these are fairly easy to install. While you can choose to install these by yourself, you could also try calling a professional technician to do the installation or you.

But, yeah while an under bench water chiller may be slightly more complicated to install than a countertop water chiller, it’s nothing that requires extensive plumbing experience or anything of the sort.

They’re Cost Efficient

Another life-changing benefit of having an under bench water chiller installed is that these are exceptionally cost-efficient. Not only are these not too expensive, but the amount of money that you are going to save on bottled water would be unimaginable.

Yes, compared to other types of water chillers, an under bench water chiller would also last longer, and will provide you and your family with lots of cold, fresh and thirst-quenching water. 

However, this will depend on the quality of the brand that you purchase, as well as model, or the configuration of the device. But, nevertheless, the price that you pay for getting an under bench water chiller should be something that will be compensated by its wide array of benefits.

They Come in a Wide Array of Models

Another fun thing about under bench water chillers is that they come in a wide assortment of models and types. There are under-sink chillers that have one basic filter cartridge, while there are those that have multiple filters inside them. There are also those that don’t just filter the water or provide you with cold water, but they also help enrich the water with essential minerals. 

They’re Quite Easy to Maintain

Another major perk of having an under bench water chiller installed at home or in the workplace is that these are quite easy to maintain. Well, while you may be required to kneel a bit to change the cartridge, or some of its parts instead of doing it on top of the counter, other than that there’s nothing else mind-boggling about it when it comes to regular maintenance!

They’re Eco-Friendly

Perhaps the best thing about using an under bench water chiller it can help protect the environment too. How? Well, you won’t need to keep buying plastic water bottles or gallons anymore! Now, would that be a very good example for your kids, or even your neighbors?

Basically, under bench water chillers work on a very simple principle – They’re placed under the sink, and a diverter valve diverts the cold water from the pipes to the filter before it reaches the sink faucet.

The water then goes through the filter and flows through an exit valve which goes above the sink through a hole in it. The exit valve ends with a separate faucet for filtered and cold water.

 I hope you had a fun time reading this article, and I also hope that you will now probably be considering getting an under-bench water chiller for us eat home, or in your office.