All You Want to Know About Stock Analysis Software

A market which is either privately owned or belongs to public sector meant for the trading of company stock is known as the stock market. These days many types of software are being developed for the proper and timely analysis of stock market. These analysis software help people in monitoring the stock exchange and one’s portfolio.

There are many ways by which analysis are made in the stock market. It completely depends on you which kind of analysis you want to follow. The most common type of analysis include-

· Fundamental analysis- In this type of analysis a person first analyzes the fundamentals of a particular company. He pays importance to the fact that all valuations the company has and whether it is worth following the company or not. It is very important to analyze a company’s fundamentals because all the stock market is based on business fundamentals and the company having good fundamentals can set trends in stock market from time to time.

· Technical analysis- technical analysis is something which has nothing to do with the fundamentals but concentrate more the need and requirements of the present conditions. In this type of analysis you follow a company which follows the prevailing trend of stock market. It is very beneficial to you when making money is the only concern. So it is good to learn the trends.

Now there is plenty of software which you can use for the stock market analysis. One of the most famous software is Deep Insight. It is a trading system which is based on algorithms. It has been developed after a long period of research into field like stock trading patterns, market microstructure and artificial intelligence. It has many features like market indices, daily analysis, mutual funds and predictions and suggestions for stock exchange excel is also one of the most famous ways by which people do the work of analysis in stock market. They are mainly helpful when analysis is being done offline. Another type of software is fibotrader. It is also used for offline analysis. Its easy availability makes it popular amongst the users. The other one is Blogtrader.

Its Indicators are historical volume distribution, MACD, zigzag, OBV, parabolic SAR, EMA, MFI and many more. The main features of blogtrader are: it saves data to local database from the quote; charts are prepared on daily, weekly and monthly basis, for splits and dividends quote charts are adjusted, maintain a real time ticker board, and update itself from time to time and with the introduction of new tickers. Then there is software named eclipse trader. It has features like better interface, prepares intraday charts, maintains real time quotes, takes reference from history charts, has indicators to indicate technical data, can detect price patterns and also gives financial news. Then a software called Meta trader 4 is also there. This software makes trading easy for investors and also maintains an account for demonstration over the internet in real time. the key areas where this software scores over other software include account statements which can be easily understood by anyone, real time Charts which are free of cost and News in such a way that it can be accessed by all accounts either they are for demo or are live, has trade programming capabilities and signals which can be programmed and updated from time to time and have very affordable prices in all products.

So after reading about all these softwares you must be confused and not able to decide which one to choose. Take your time in choosing the right one which helps you in making huge sum of money when you invest in stock market.