Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) Announces Technology Integration with The Sycamore Company

PHILADELPHIA, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX), the platform making it easy to buy, own, and sell alternative investments, is integrating with The Sycamore Company (“Sycamore”) to put efficient alternative investing at advisors’ fingertips. Sycamore is a provider of cloud-based financial technology solutions that enable front to back-office broker-dealer and RIA operations.

This partnership immediately provides wealth advisors using Sycamore with an alts experience that is fully integrated with their client account information and reporting. A single-sign-on between the two systems allows advisors to work seamlessly and efficiently from a single point of access. When fully integrated, data will flow bi-directionally from Sycamore to AIX, ensuring records are always in sync and eliminating the delays and overhead that would otherwise come from manual reconciliation.

AIX is unique among alternative investment platforms because it creates direct data connections with the systems being used by each stakeholder involved with the transaction – broker-dealers, advisors, custodians, fund managers, transfer agents, and administrators. By seamlessly moving data into the systems of each party involved, AIX automates the process of translating and transmitting information in the manner that meets the needs and requirements of each partner.

“AIX is the best way to efficiently buy, own, and sell alternative investments,” explained Brad West, AIX COO. “We make it fast and easy for advisors to allocate alternative investments into their client portfolios. Our partnership with Sycamore further delivers on that mission. When reps using Sycamore want to leverage alternative investments, they simply click a button to enter the AIX environment.”  

Sycamore delivers all the data and functionality independent broker/dealers, advisory firms, and hybrid firms need to recruit, manage, and pay advisors, meet compliance and audit requirements, and keep advisors connected—all within the Salesforce ecosystem. The end-to-end, cloud-based, native-Salesforce solution collects data from the right sources and normalizes it in a single database, making it accessible to multiple applications while ensuring the highest level of security.

The partnership was sparked by joint AIX-Sycamore client, Infinity, a modernized wealth management firm designed to provide affiliated financial advisors flexibility and regulatory support of their practice management. The firm selected Sycamore and AIX as best-in-class technology solutions that empower financial advisors to better serve their clients.

“Adding direct access to the most powerful alternative investment platform on the market supports our promise to keep advisors and their teams connected and productive,” explained Mike Overdorf, President of Sycamore. “Infinity leverages our technology for a number of areas including compensation, processing, compliance, supervision, and new account opening. As a native Salesforce platform, once a client record is established, related data is accessible throughout. This now includes alts.”

About Sycamore Company

Sycamore Company is a cloud-based, data-driven financial services software company that helps independent broker-dealers and RIAs increase the efficiency of their operations workflows, reduce compliance and regulatory risk, improve client onboarding experiences, and streamline actionable insights. Built on the Salesforce platform and used by operations, compliance and supervising officers, executives, branch managers and advisors, Sycamore combines normalized data with on-demand, configurable workflows to revolutionize processes such as advisor compensation, recruiting and supervision, compliance, surveillance and CRM, as well as data analytics and business intelligence. For more information, visit

About AIX

Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) is an end-to-end digital platform purpose-built to improve the processes related to buying, owning, and selling alternative investments. AIX’s technology reduces friction, mitigates risk, and creates value across all alternative investing stakeholder groups – wealth managers, asset managers, custodians, transfer agents, and fund administrators. By evolving beyond documents to make data the connective tissue between alternative investment players, AIX makes it easier to conduct business and accelerate industry growth. For more information, please visit or LinkedIn:

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