Amazon Says Musk’s SpaceX Is Just As Litigious As Bezos in 13-Page PDF

  • Elon Musk made fun of Jeff Bezos in an interview this week saying, “you can’t sue your way to the moon.”
  • Amazon then sent a PDF to The Verge listing legal actions SpaceX had filed, stretching back to 2004.
  • Bezos’ space company Blue Origin said “such actions are common practice” in government procurement.

Amazon responded to Elon Musk making fun of Jeff Bezos by compiling a 13-page document showing all the times SpaceX, Musk’s space company, has filed legal actions with the US government.

Musk made fun of fellow billionaire Bezos during an interview on Tuesday, saying, “you can’t sue your way to the moon.” Blue Origin sued NASA in August after the agency awarded an exclusive moon-lander contract to SpaceX. 

Amazon on Wednesday sent a 13-page PDF to The Verge listing 39 legal actions — including ligitation, petitions, and protests — that SpaceX had filed, going back as far as 2004. It was sent unsolicited, The Verge reported.

Amazon is in direct competition with SpaceX — both companies have internet satellite projects.

Blue Origin, Bezos’ space exploration company, sent a statement to The Verge to bolster Amazon’s point.

“SpaceX is well aware, having benefitted from its own frequent protests and court filings against NASA and the US Air Force, that such actions are common practice in the government procurement process,” Blue Origin said.

Musk responded to a similar statement from Blue Origin given to CNBC on Wednesday, tweeting: “SpaceX has sued to be *allowed* to compete, BO is suing to stop competition.”

Musk also responded on Twitter to Amazon’s 13-page document it sent to The Verge, posting two laughing emojis.

Musk’s comment about Bezos on Tuesday echoed tweets he made in August and September, in which he said filing legal actions against SpaceX was Bezos’ “full-time job.” This came after Amazon filed a protest letter against SpaceX’s plan to launch more satellites for the Starlink internet project.

Amazon submitted a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on September 8, saying: “The conduct of SpaceX and other Musk-led companies makes their view plain: rules are for other people, and those who insist upon or even simply request compliance are deserving of derision and ad hominem attacks.”

The two companies have openly criticized each other, and Musk and Bezos have a rivalry stretching back 15 years — although Bezos’ personal criticisms of Musk have been more veiled.