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PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ask any search engine marketing expert about SEO and people will quickly realize there are a lot of moving parts. Few SEO agencies offer truly full-service SEO packages. It’s more common for an eCommerce SEO company to offer a group of services that affects search engine optimization but does not account for the whole picture because the entire scope of SEO is simply too complex.

Some SEO firms build backlinks; others produce optimized content. Others yet might take a look at site page structure and optimize little ranking factors like title tags, metadata, code, and image attributes. These ranking signals, together with others, paint the entire picture of at least 200 ranking factors that affect a website’s organic standing. 

There is something, however, that the best eCommerce agencies have in common, especially those that offer full-service SEO marketing strategies. They’ve nearly all developed a protocol for delivering and interpreting the results of eCommerce SEO audits

The reason that an audit is such a highly valuable aspect of a company’s eCommerce SEO services is that it lays the groundwork, the direction, for success. An eCommerce business simply can’t be optimized blindly; first, the current organic rankings of the website must be analyzed, along with its overall health, before keyword research should even be performed. 

A well-developed expertly administered eCommerce SEO audit will analyze the current organic rankings of the website, exposing valuable insights about competitive and other lucrative keywords. An SEO audit will also uncover the current link structure, identifying issues with broken and toxic links, as well as with crawler errors. 

An eCommerce agency can also use an audit to evaluate the structure of an online store, as well as the security and site speed of the website. In addition, audits can be used to identify existing streams of website traffic and pinpoint issues with web design that may have a splash effect on SEO. 

An audit can have implications for content marketing as well, uncovering issues with content age and duplicate content, among others. In addition, an audit will help support initiatives to monitor Google Analytics and Google Search Console for fluctuations in organic traffic before conclusions can be drawn as to the causation of trends. 

These are the reasons that the best eCommerce SEO agencies unequivocally utilize SEO audits. At the end of the day, it gives them a direction to follow by which they can develop a coherent, articulate SEO strategy for a client’s eCommerce store. 

Interested eCommerce merchants should investigate 1Digital Agency at or contact the company directly by phone at 888-982-8269 or by email at [email protected]. 1Digital Agency has developed an industry-leading eCommerce SEO audit, and it offers it free of charge.

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An eCommerce SEO audit can lay the groundwork for success for the rest of an SEO campaign.

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