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Brooke Daniels has over a decade of experience in tech startups and venture capital, and she’s the director of Salesforce Ventures and CEO of Daniels + Co., a business strategy firm supporting entrepreneurs focused on maximizing profit and scalability. Brooke’s passion is supporting entrepreneurs and stemming business failure with a signature ready-a-launch system, which helps level up enterprises from startup to seasoned companies. She has held corporate roles at Salesforce, Intapp, AT&T, and BMW financial services. For more information, head over to

 If you think you’re ready to pursue investment for your business, you will want to hear from Brooke Daniels, an angel investment expert. She will give you tips for knowing when you are ready and taking that plunge to get outside investments for your company.

“It takes money to make money. Too often, I think small business owners feel like we can just use personal capital to get us through, but we’re not seeing what our needs are across the horizon.” – Brooke Daniels

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Brooke Daniels Angel Investing and access to funding

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • How Brooke became an angel investor. 
  • Why access to funding is crucial to business owners. 
  • Ways to bootstrap. 
  • Showing up as a credible business. 
  • Getting your business credit report.
  • Angel investing versus venture capital. 
  • Gaining access to capital as a minority business owner. 

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