Author: Minka Kelly

10 Things a Small Business Can Write Off

We all have one fear in common – everybody is just a little bit afraid of the IRS. Although a little fear is healthy, for the small business owner or …

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Emmett Till, JFK, and the Radical Appropriate

Emmett Till’s scenario is getting significantly-overdue attention these days. Till grew to become just one of the very first martyrs in America’s 1950s-period Civil Legal rights motion when he was …

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Existing Financial Disaster (Bailout Or Buyout)

Lately, it looks as if we are dwelling through history each day. Not considering that the Terrific Depression has the United States observed such turmoil in the economical marketplaces. What …

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Why A Certified Public Accountant Is Worth Every Dime While Accountants Are A Dime A Dozen

Most small to medium size businesses quickly get to the point where they realize they need an accountant who is versed in everything from tax preparation to financial planning. When …

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Future of Accounting – IFRS Vs GAAP

The actions of Bernie Madoff and Kenneth Lay (Enron Co.) made quite an impact on business America. While thousands lost everything they had, the U.S economy lost something far greater; …

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How Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts Provide Protection From Taxes and Liability

Many people don’t realize that the proceeds of a South Florida life insurance policy are added to your estate for estate tax purposes if the policy is owned by the …

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Fiscal Preparing and Prosperity Management

Nigeria is between the third earth nations.

This gradation is so based on the stage of advancement and development indexes emanating from the confines of the nation. Not long ago, …

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The Legalities of Putting Up A Catering Business: Complying With All Legal Requirements

Choosing the Type of Business Structure

As you start offering catering services, you may notice your income increase overtime, especially when you cater to corporate functions. Of course, this is …

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