Business Licenses Required For Starting A Car Painting Business In New Jersey

It is mandatory for any business to obtain certain business licenses if it chooses to operate legally. In order to start a car painting business in New Jersey certain licenses are essential.

Business Licenses Requirements:

The Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey issues the business licenses that are required to operate an auto body repair business such as a car painting business.

Requirements to Qualify For the Licenses:

o It is essential to be 18 years and above with no criminal record.

o The applicant must have the legal capacity to contract and assume liability for any debt that is incurred and must exhibit character and responsibility.

o If you have multiple locations, separate applications for each facility are required.

Document That Are Necessary To Be Filed:

o Certificate of occupancy

o New Jersey sales tax ID number

o Child support forms

o Federal employer ID number

o Proof of completed fingerprinting

o Written certificate of approval from the zoning clerk or municipal officer that the location, building and maintenance were approved.

o New Jersey Unemployment registration number

o Color photograph of all owners of the shop

o Color photographs of the facility displaying the advertised sign

o $350 Initial Fee and a $20 Non-refundable application fee

Other Essentials Requisites Include

o Federal Tax ID number

o Current certificate of inspection for building and spray booth

o Stack permit or letter of exemption from DEP for spray booth

o Hazardous waste disposal systems ensuring required state and federal government safety standards are maintained.

o Adequate insurance coverage such as:

1. General liability insurance minimum amount permitted being $300,000

2. Garage keepers liability insurance

3. Fire insurance for building and spray booth

4. Workers’ compensation insurance

o Equipment necessary to safely raise and support vehicles for inspection during repair as well as structural repairs, four-wheel alignment, vehicle air conditioner servicing and mechanical repairs

o A metal inert gas welder

If You Spray Paint, Requisites Are:

o The enclosed area for refinishing must comply with all the applicable safety, fire, environmental and other regulations.

o Workers must have a supply of fresh air within the spray area.

o Adequate air filtration devices to reduce particles from air exhausted while spray-painting that comply with applicable standards set by state and federal government.

o It is necessary for at least one employee or 10% of the employees which ever is greater to have completed a recognized auto repair related training one year prior to the year of the license application.

These are a few facts about the licensing requirements to start a car painting business in New Jersey. You can also use the services and products that are used by several firms to help new entrepreneurs succeed.

Useful Address:

Motor Vehicle Commission, Auto Body Licensing Unit, P.O. Box 172, 225 East State Street, Trenton, NJ 08666-0172. (609) 292-6500 or toll free in NJ (888) 486-3339, TTY (609) 292-5120