• September 27, 2023

Buying the best gemstones to get the best astrological result

Gemstones are beautiful and precious stones found in the earth and acquired by mining. They are available in different shapes, colors, sizes etc and are really fascinating.  Some are crystal shaped and some are like pyramid structures and some are diamond structured etc. When they are extracted from the earth, they do not feel so lustrous. They are polished, treated and then made lustrous.  These gemstones are considered holy according to Hindus. In India, people usually do not wear any gemstone unless seeking advice from astrologers. They believe that wearing inappropriate gemstones can lead to negative results. So, you should buy gemstone after meeting an astrologer. 

How do you know the gemstone you should wear?

The astrologers view your horoscope and your planetary positions in your birth chart. They analyze the planets that are strongly placed in your horoscope and the planets that are in weaker position. Depending upon the position of your planetary positions and the weak planets, they suggest wearing gemstones. You usually visit an astrologer whenever you are facing any challenge in life. So, depending upon your problem, the astrologer analyzes the weakly placed planets and suggests gemstones. The astrologers may also recommend wearing gemstones according to your zodiac sign, moon sign or ascendant etc. 

Wearing the appropriate gemstone can enhance the planet’s radiation and influence. If you want to acquire something from anybody, then you usually try to impress the person. If the person is impressed, then he obviously fulfills your needs. So, every gemstone is represented by a planet. If you wear the gemstone, you can attract the power from the planet. After meeting an expert astrologer, you can buy gemstone to improve your position.

The Red Coral stone also known as Moonga represents the Mars planet and it bestows energy and speed. If you are not able to perform any task easily or lack energy, then you should wear the Red coral stone. This stone is also ideal for people whose zodiac sign is Aries or if you are born with an Aries Ascendant.  Ascendant in astrology represents your real personality. But, you should buy authentic gemstones from authentic shops to get the positive result. 

You should also wear Panna if you experience communication problems. If you are experiencing communication problems, then your Mercury is probably placed in the weaker position. So, you may become withdrawn and shy. If your zodiac sign or Ascendant sign is Gemini, you can wear Panna.

Ruby is a precious gemstone worn by people who want to enhance the influence of the Lord Sun. if your Sun is placed in weaker position, then you usually become low self-esteemed or unconfident.  Then, you can wear Ruby sign to improve the planet’s behavior. 

If you are experiencing problems of financial security, then you can wear gemstones such as Sapphire, Emerald, blue sapphire, etc. Your Venus is probably not well-placed in the chart. Venus is the Lord of wealth and love. If you wear these gemstones, then you can improve financial position. Some people do not earn wealth despite hard work. So, such people should wear this gemstone to become richer. But, you should be careful to buy authentic gemstones to yield benefits of any planet.