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Trump Had No Plan, Wanted to Berate Media in January 6 Speech: Report

  • Donald Trump canceled a planned January 6 press conference.
  • Aides persuaded him against the speech, fearing it would bring bad publicity, The Post reported.
  • The former president had planned to
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Jeff Bezos’ Leadership Advice to Ex-Twitter CEO: ‘Be Yourself’

  • Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos have opposite approaches to business, ex-Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says.
  • Jobs believed in saying no to most things; Bezos once told Costolo he wants to
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Evercore Tells Employees to Get Boosted As Omicron Surges

  • Evercore told US employees this week to get boosted by February 1 to enter its US offices.
  • The independent investment bank is also asking employees to work from home until
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Capitol Rioter Asks Judge to Let Him Use Websites to Find Job and Date

  • Accused rioter Thomas Sibick asked a judge to allow him to use dating apps and job-search websites.
  • Sibick requested solitary confinement to avoid the “toxic” DC jail wing for January
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Rep. Peter Welch Says Wife Will Give up Stock Trading Following Violation

  • Peter Welch said he and his wife would no longer hold individual stocks, reiterating a 2020 pledge.
  • Welch disclosed his wife’s sale of ExxonMobil stock one week late, violating the
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Health System Is ‘Unsustainable,’ Only Working for Pay

  • Front-line workers have been dealing with wave after wave of COVID-19 cases for almost two years.
  • The pandemic has created a demand for travel nurses as hospitals struggle with staff
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