Compares Himself to Jesus Christ

  • “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley compared himself to Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Jesus Christ in an interview.
  • Speaking from prison, Chansley complained about being in solitary confinement, which he said was “soft torture.” 
  • Chansley has been sentenced to 41 months for his role in the Capitol insurrection.

Capitol rioter Jacob Chansley, known as the “QAnon Shaman,” compared himself to Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Jesus Christ in a podcast interview from prison.

Chansley, who gained notoriety for attending the Capitol riot while wearing a horned, furry headpiece, was sentenced to 41 months for his role in the insurrection last month.

“This is what every single great leader, or great you know pioneer of sorts, has had to go through, whether it be people like Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr., or Jesus Christ,” Chansley told the “Conservative Daily” podcast hosted by right-wing figure Joe Oltmann, on Friday.

“When you challenge a system that is so heavily corrupt, when you speak truth to power, okay, what it does is it sends ripples throughout the world.”

In November, Chansley struck a deal to plead guilty to one count of obstruction for his role in the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

The sentence was one of the harshest punishments handed down to a Capitol rioter thus far, and Chansley is currently appealing the decision.

Speaking on the podcast, Chansley indicated that he was currently being held in Virginia while waiting to be designated to a Bureau of Prisons facility following his sentencing.

The ‘QAnon Shaman’ went on to say that he could be “whatever the country needs me to be.”

“That’s part of the role of the shaman, you guys, to be the one that fights the spiritual war for the people,” he said.

Although he said he could not discuss details of his case because of the ongoing appeal, Chansley used the two-hour podcast appearance to speak at length about his prison conditions and political views.

He said he had been in “administrative segregation” for over 300 days, which he described as “basically solitary confinement.”

Although told it was for his safety, Chansley said he didn’t think this was true as he had been warmly welcomed by other prisoners during a stint in a Colorado jail, who said they recognized him from TV.

He likened the segregation to “soft torture” and said that the stress of being in prison and solitary confinement has caused him to develop white hair all over his body.

“For many many many months, I have been living each and every day not wanting to live, but also not wanting to die,” Chansley said. 

He told the podcast hosts he’s not allowed access to the internet but has kept up to date on topics such as Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial by listening to the radio on a walkman.

Chansley also criticized his former lawyer Albert Watkins, who at one point called the Capitol rioters “fucking short-bus people” and “people with brain damage.”

Watkins previously said that Chansley was bipolar and suffered from schizophrenia, which Chansley denied on the podcast.

Podcast host Joe Oltmann ended the segment by describing Chansley as a “patriot” who is “not crazy.”

Oltmann has ramped up his extreme rhetoric in recent weeks, calling for the mass execution of politicians he viewed as “traitors.”