Create Your 10X10 Marketing Plan

 So you placed your ad in the paper, and now you’re waiting for the phone to ring. And you wait… and wait… Why is it so quiet?

Is this how your marketing has gone? When marketing is such a big investment, shouldn’t you be a bit surer that you will get a return on it? Would you like to know how to create a self-funding marketing machine? How would it feel knowing that your marketing actually produced results on purpose?

Allow me to introduce you to the 10X10 marketing plan. The basic concept behind this is that you need to employ more than one marketing strategy at a time. Think of it this way, if your business were sitting on the far end of a plank that only had one support on the opposite side, how secure would you feel? Now, let’s say you could add additional supports, one at a time. How secure would that make your investment? You would jump at the chance, wouldn’t you?

The basic concept is that you plan your marketing so that you run ten marketing strategies at a time, each with ten supporting campaigns.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you pick print ads as a marketing strategy. After choosing your target market, and researching their particular needs in your area, you come up with a killer headline, an irresistible offer and an ad that works. In order to make that ad effective, you need to be sure that your prospects see the ad several times. So you do more research and find ten publications that your target market subscribes to. Then you pick the 10 most read publications from your list and run your ads there.

Once you have those ads running, it’s time to move on to the next strategy. Perhaps you decide that networking will be the way to go. Excellent! Now pick ten networking groups or regular events that you will join.

Now, you continue adding marketing strategies until you have your 10X10 filled.

Of course, the first thing you need to do in order to make this successful is to measure and test. In fact, this should be the first strategy that you use. Measuring the effectiveness of each strategy will tell you how well your investment is paying off, and if you need to make changes.

It’s also very important not to fall in love with any particular strategy. While you will find that some strategies work better than others, you may also run into the danger of adopting a pet strategy because it appeals to you. Remember this: a marketing strategy that appeals to you means nothing. The only opinion that matters in your marketing is that of you prospects. So be willing to drop the strategies that don’t work.

With the 10X10 marketing plan, you will develop an unlimited marketing budget!