Explore the “Deep Water” of Financial Technology and Leverage the New Pattern of the Financial Industry

(Reporter: LI Bo)

Along with the rapid development of the financial technology industry, digital elements have been fully integrated into the financial service process, and a new pattern of financial industry characterized by digitization and intelligence has gradually formed. Facing the continuous evolution of the financial technology ecosystem, how will major financial institutions grasp the development opportunities of the industry, explore the innovation mode of smart finance and lead the new development of digital finance?

In response to this series of questions, GUO Xiaojun, the well-known financial technology R&D expert, gave a clear answer in the interview, he believes that “The future financial technologies will realize the comprehensive and coordinated development from specific point focusing to general consideration, from relying on technology application to covering business operation management, business innovation, technology application, and other fields. The financial institutions in this process should take technology and data as the key production elements, take open ecology as the important mode of production, utilize the reform of system and mechanism as the endogenous development driving force, optimize the digital layout, and speed up the digital reconstruction of traditional financial models and strive to forge a digitalized ecosystem enterprises that meet the requirements of future high-quality development.”

As a top scientific research talent in the field of smart finance, GUO Xiaojun has a deep understanding and insight into the development of the financial industry and the development trend of digital financial technology. In his view, financial science and technology innovation is the core driving force for the reform and development of the financial industry in the future. Therefore, he actively engaged in the basic and forward-looking research in the field of smart financial technology and designed and developed a series of original scientific and technological achievements around the industry weakness and market development needs; the achievements not only solved many problems such as large investment but low efficiency, high risk and difficult to obtain customers, etc that are the pain points have been bothering in the industry over a long time, but also built up a brand new smart financial service system integrated with functions of market analysis, market forecast, smart venture capital, to explore new scenes of inclusive finance, reconstruct a new business form of intelligent finance, and bring more possibilities for the development of the financial industry in the future.

Over many years of contributing to the financial investment industry, GUO Xiaojun has been deeply aware of “The data is the foundation and strategic resource for digitalization reform in the finance industry.” The finance industry is a data-intensive industry, the data information generated from the digital operation of financial business is the key asset of financial institutions. However, since the flow of financial data between different businesses and institutions still faces many potential information disclosure risks at present, and thus to ensuring the security of financial data and promoting the comprehensive application is still the primary direction of smart finance technological innovation. GUO Xiaojun attaches great importance to the data works, he combined cutting-edge technologies with financial service system to create “IM Cloud Platform Based On Hybrid Expert System”, the safety and confidentiality of which have effectively fixed the security issues of finance data, the system fully released the potential of the data and started “data engine” of financial digital transformation.

The system constructs an end-to-end data center monitoring and operation visualization platform through NNM computing services and realizes the visual management of investment projects. Meanwhile, it is supplemented by the whole process data security management module of multi-dimensional anti-leakage and transparent encryption. On the premise of effectively ensuring the security of data transmission and internal communication, the system also realizes the sharing and comprehensive utilization of data, creating the possibility for releasing the potential of data and realizing the capitalization of data. In addition, the system also effectively combines the traditional expert system with various neural network sub-modules (NNM) and uses the thinking tools of different disciplines to form a comprehensive intelligent static knowledge base. The system can quickly complete the communication between the expert system and NNM, fully mine the data value, assist financial investment decision-making, provide data support to improve the accuracy and scientificity of investment decision-making, and play a positive role in promoting the development of the intelligent financial industry.

“IM Cloud Platform Based On Hybrid Expert System” triggered a strong response in its first year on the market. Financial enterprise users commented that the system does not only give play to data values at maximum level and provides enterprises with customized, personalized financial investment scheme to help enterprises raise the accuracy of decision making and the rate of return on investment, but also can achieve the data combination from different institutions to inspire the technological innovative ability of the enterprises, as well as incubate new application scenario under the direction of market requirements. This system has provided important assistance in motivating upgrade of the finance industry and provide important help to create an efficient and warm financial services experience.

In fact, in addition to the “IM Cloud Platform Based On Hybrid Expert System”, the R&D and implementation of many scientific and technological achievements of GUO Xiaojun has played important roles in promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of financial institutions with excellent application performance and market value. His efforts injected a steady stream of scientific and technological strength into the innovation and development of financial technology industry. Turning to the future planning, GUO Xiaojun said that he would continue to explore the “deep water” of financial technologies and take the smart finance as the primary direction, and devote himself to tackling key problems and breakthroughs in key technologies difficulties, to add momentum to the leapfrog development of the financial industry.

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