FactSet® and ChartIQ Win the 2021 American Financial Technology Award for Best Partnership or Alliance

Cosaic’s ChartIQ brings customized, complex data-sets to life for all sectors of finance. Found on millions of desktops around the world, their powerful HTML5 charts elevate any financial platform to best-in-class. FactSet creates flexible, open data and software solutions for over 160,000 investment professionals around the world, providing instant anytime, anywhere access to financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial decisions.

The award recognizes the alliance between the two firms.

“ChartIQ provides our clients with a modern charting experience, but also a partner who has genuinely been invested in our success,” says Cliff Anderson, Principal Product Owner at FactSet. “Partnering with ChartIQ has given FactSet a strong foundation to build out the future of charting. We’ve only really just scratched the surface of what we can do.”

Hear more from Cliff Anderson in this video testimonial.

Charts are a cornerstone application for FactSet and their 160,000 users. FactSet utilized ChartIQ to build their solution and create a unique and tailored experience for clients. “ChartIQ is a high-performance, customizable and modern charting platform,” says Cosaic Chief Product Officer Eugene Sorenson. “Using ChartIQ, FactSet was able to skip building a graphics framework and focus on meeting their clients’ needs.”

FactSet has recently started to take advantage of ChartIQ’s advanced capabilities to create customized experiences for users, including ChartIQ’s technical analysis and term structure modules.

With the ChartIQ Term Structure Graph, FactSet was able to overhaul their yield curve component, making it a much richer and intuitive solution. For example, finding the spread between two or more points on a curve or between curves is now at the client’s fingertips with just a few clicks.           

“FactSet took full advantage of the adaptable and customizable nature of ChartIQ,” adds Sorenson. “Their engineers built a unique experience for their clients. This is one of many pieces that sets FactSet apart from their competitors—a charting solution that goes beyond what their clients expect.”

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About Cosaic:
Cosaic provides state-of-the art software for firms that want to promote ingenuity, evolve intelligently, and improve end-user efficiency. Products include ChartIQ, the world-renowned financial charting software, and Finsemble, the world’s first no-code smart desktop platform. As a workflow solutions provider, Cosaic is revolutionizing the way people work with over 300 global customers around the world, including Yahoo Finance, E*TRADE, Charles River, and Fidessa. Founded in 2012 as ChartIQ, Cosaic is a fast-growing firm based in Charlottesville, VA with offices in New York, London, and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit https://cosaic.io.