How Accounting Firms Can Target a Niche Using SEO

Here’s a scenario in which you might be familiar. A partner in your firm specializes in a niche area. But he/she is not showing up in search results as prominently as they should or could. What can you do to help them elevate their search ranking and to generate more leads for the firm?

5 SEO Tips for Niche Services

First, create a dedicated web or landing page for the niche service you want to elevate. Ensure that page has the following items:

  • Title tag with the niche keyword, e.g., Best Austin Accounting Firm for Nonprofits
  • Description tag with the niche keyword, it must be fewer than 160 characters (including spaces), e.g., [Firm name] has been serving the nonprofit industry for more than 30 years. Helping them to maximize tax deductions, while increasing cash flow.
  • Keyword tag with a keyword-focused phrase, e.g., accounting best practices for nonprofits
  • Header tags (at least one) should include the keyword too, such as [featured partner’s name] Leads our Nonprofit Practice, How [firm name] Helps Nonprofits to Succeed, or What our nonprofit clients have to say.
  • Include a form on the page for a downloadable, such as a case study, or best practices tip booklet, to collect leads.

Second, identify existing blog content or resources for the niche. Then add the partner’s name as the author on those items. You can also create a pillar page (a single page with a list of blog articles and resources for that niche) that has links to all the content associated with the niche. If you have more than one prominent niche member, put a different name on each resource.

Third, ensure their image alt tag and image file name incorporate the partner’s name, the keyword, and firm, e.g., the alt tag would be similar to [firm name] [partner name], CPA for Nonprofits, and the image file name might be partner_name_CPA_Nonprofit_firm_name.png.

Image Alt tag and File Name Example

MyCPAFirm Livingston, CPA for Nonprofits

Becky_Livingston_CPA_ MyCPAFirm_ Nonprofit.png

Fourth, when posting social media content related to the niche, mention the partner’s name in the copy, such as Need Help? Contact [insert partner name]. Also include the firm’s branded hashtag and #nonprofit on the image or in the post copy.

Fifth, on their LinkedIn bio, or any social media bios, add the niche area in the title and in any relevant experience. Keep this focused and short, using a bulleted format, like the following:

Partner Name, CPA

Specializing in Nonprofit Success

  • Financial statement analyzer for nonprofits
  • Accounting software specialist for nonprofits
  • Let’s attack on your cash flow situation together
  • Working with you to tackle your difficult accounting, payroll, and tax needs

Bonus Tip: If the niche is an important business goal, create a social media, content development, and marketing strategy to support that goal. 

What niche do you want to rank for?