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Dallas, TX , Feb. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Whether you’re looking for SEO or marketing services, KISS PR Digital Marketing & Web 3 is now offering support for cryptocurrency. This allows clients to have both SEO and marketing services across the board, as well as a firm grasp on digital strategy.

KISS PR Brand Story, one of Texas’ leading digital public relations & storytelling platforms, has recently launched its blockchain marketing services to help crypto, NFT, and DeFi companies with projects and company announcements.

For over a decade, KISS PR Brand Story has been helping startup blockchain company owners get their projects known in the crypto world and on mainstream media.

“We help companies promote their crypto, NFT, DeFi, and any blockchain-related projects using our content distribution platform,” said Rene Perras, KISS PR Executive.

“And because we know that most of them are startups, we offer them affordable price options,” Perras added.

Asked what specific blockchain marketing services KISS PR Web 3 Technology provides, Kashif Sultan head of Web 3 enumerated six sub-services.

“We do news press releases, banner advertisement campaigns, influencers marketing, affiliate marketing, and Web 3 development services. Sultan.

“We also do social media marketing, including Telegram groups, Reddit, and Tiktok.,” Sultan added.

According to its website, here’s how KISS PR Brand Story’s NFT Promotion and Marketing works:

  • Allows company owners to access influencer marketing and NFT shilling campaigns.
  • Helps attract targeted traffic and investors to an NFT project.
  • Helps organize an interview with creators to raise awareness of their NFT.
  • Helps outreach to journalists, news portals, and other media contacts.

KISS PR Brand Story’s leading edge from other content distribution services include:

  • They have a highly reputable team with years of crypto marketing experience based in the USA.
  • They offer a quick and easy turnaround.
  • They have direct access to news media and journalists & influencers.

About KISS PR Brand Story Blockchain Content Distribution and Marketing Services

KISS PR Brand Story is leading digital marketing, storytelling, and public relations platform that helps blockchain, crypto, NFT, and DeFi companies promote their projects on the most prominent crypto or blockchain sites. With more than 50,000+ stories published for clients all over the globe, KISS PR Brand Story is currently expanding their operations.

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