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LinkDaddy offers a full-scale Google Maps Ranking service and CTR to help businesses grab the top spot on Google’s local search results.

Almost 72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location while 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps”


UNITED STATES, May 14, 2022 / — A big portion of Google searches have local intent which means people make an online search to find a nearby business or a service provider. Invariably, such searches can inspire more physical store visits and purchases, both offline and online. A local service provider with the sales funnel barely populated should re-examine the possible reasons – possibly because the business website is not optimized for local SEO success. LinkDaddy offers a dedicated service to help such businesses – Google Maps Ranking.

Almost half (46%) of all Google searches consist of users seeking local information. These searches consist of people searching for businesses in their local area or within a specific service area, such as a city-wise or near me search.

Increasingly, the digital agency is getting a lot of queries from business owners who cater to the local audience. From carpenters and plumbers to dentists and roofing contractors, online store owners, and those with a physical footprint, more businesses are realizing the value of boosting their presence in local search results with google maps seo.

Performing well in Google’s organic search results is always good for business but grabbing attention in local search results promises a higher probability of a quick query via the phone, email, or even a store visit. To feature and rank higher in Google’s local search results, businesses need to improve their local SEO performance, and this invariably means working on Google Maps and GMB [Google My Business] strategy.

While putting a business on Google Maps is critical for Google’s local search engines, there is a lot more to be done to grab the top spot on the search results page [SERP], and this is where LinkDaddy proves useful, improving the Google Map ranking. Being a part of the local search results on Google can bring more relevant, high-intent customer queries and footfalls for retail shop owners, lawyers, doctors, painters, movers & packers, professional cleaners, and neighborhood gyms.

The competition among neighborhood stores is fierce with every business owner desperate to appear in Google’s local pack. What is this? There is a pattern in local search results where only the top three (referred to as the 3 pack or Google Maps Pack) businesses get featured at the top of the local search results page. This display is applicable to desktop and mobile searches. Earning a spot among these three promises maximum and instant exposure, bringing along more clicks and conversions.

LinkDaddy helps businesses of all types, ranging from brick & mortar store owners to personal injury lawyers compete for this coveted space. More Google Map visibility and better ranking are also associated with more credibility. While SEO experts understand the technicalities of google my business seo optimization, business owners often confuse it with traditional SEO. This is not just about keywords or optimizing the website’s behavior. In fact, owning a business website is not mandatory to own a Google My Business account. Neither does it stop a plumber, carpenter, roofer, or dentist from adding their business to Google Maps. Improving the GMB ranking requires a slightly different approach—it needs a specialist like LinkDaddy to get the desired results.

Just being on Google Maps does not promise engaging more online traffic or sales queries. Yes, claiming one’s business on Google Maps and owning a GMB account is the first step in this direction, but moving ahead, the LinkDaddy team takes over, using only white-hat, legit local SEO practices.

The results don’t come along overnight. It takes a bit of time but with real conversions, there is a definite ROI to the exercise. Consider this – a neighborhood business with limited digital expertise might realize the worth of competing for certain keywords from one location. However, Google’s local search results are often about proximity, think ‘nearby’ type search results. Therefore, to increase the chances of getting highlighted across a wider range of city-wise or area-wise searches, small enterprises need a Google Maps ranking strategy that covers different, closely matched locations for the most competed keywords.

LinkDaddy does this using CTR with 4G mobile proxies for 30 days for one location. This shows Google that people are searching for a business within the targeted location. A business owner can order different Google Maps Ranking gigs from LinkDaddy to expand the proximity across nearby locations.

LinkDaddy offers a dedicated service that includes building high-quality backlinks. Using its own network of more than 35 million blogs themed for all types of industries and verticals, LinkDaddy provides an effective way to create more citations for the targeted business pages—a big reason why not just business owners but even digital marketing agencies often employ its backlink-building services.

Dennis Casey from BAKT Marketing says, “I have been using LinkDaddy services for over a year now. We have seen great success with the Google Maps Ranking services (180+ orders), the DoFollow SEO BackLinks (250+ orders), and when needed the Aggressive Tier 1 Backlinks (20+ orders). If a business needs to get a boost and ranked higher, LinkDaddy services are Highly Recommended.”

Businesses get the advantage of 300+ Tier 1 niche relevant blog posts with each tier 1 blog post linked to the website, along with a GMB share link and CID link. All tier 1 blog posts are backlinked with 5 SEO DoFollow backlink campaigns and each post comes with carefully embedded GMB and NAP [name, address, phone number].

The aggressive backlink-building exercise can boost the organic visibility of a Google Maps listing, taking away the need to spend more on expensive advertising campaigns. For a bigger push, there is room to embed a YouTube video or business-owned images, with support for up to 100 image URLs. To create more citations, LinkDaddy delivers accurate business listings across local and regional directories, such as Near Me.

An effective mix of keywords for improving Google Maps Ranking includes Branded, Brand plus Location, Brand plus Keyword, and Keywords for each location. LinkDaddy shares such simple and effective insight and businesses can choose the top-tier services, such as the use of 4G mobile proxies to simulate local city searches of a GMB for handpicked keywords.

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Based out of Miami, Florida, LinkDaddy is a full-scale SEO services provider. The company provides effective search engine optimization strategies & solutions to create more online engagement for a brand. Whether it is a neighborhood business that wants to feature higher up in the local search results or a startup pursuing a better ranking for its YouTube videos, LinkDaddy provides customized packages for all SEO requirements. The agency provides end-to-end backlinking services that include tier 1 backlinks, do-follow backlinks, Google Stack backlinks, local SEO backlinks, and mass page website backlinks. Business owners can ask for LinkDaddy’s domain power booster services with the confidence of legitimate, white hat SEO practices only. With access to one of the world’s biggest niche blog networks, LinkDaddy can boost the relevance of web pages and other digital assets, helping business websites rank higher for different keywords and targeted locations. At all times, customers can opt for a no-obligation, zero-cost Free Trial to understand the ethical link-building services and the different service packages.

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