Minde Reinhart sued by insurance company over $4 million payout

GAINESVILLE — An insurance company is suing the mother of two boys killed by her estranged husband over a $4 million life insurance payout, claiming she may not have been legally entitled to receive it. Meanwhile, she is trying to collect $10 million from her husband’s estate.

The legal battle, just underway in federal court, is the latest twist in the crime earlier this year. It sheds new light on the father’s actions days before the killings and hints at the vast amounts of money at stake for surviving family members.

Paul Reinhart, 46, of Gainesville, fatally shot the couple’s young sons on May 4 before setting fire to the family’s vacation home near Suwannee in western Florida and fatally shooting himself.

A mural painted Wednesday on the Northwest 34th Street wall in Gainesville honors the lives of youth baseball players Rex Reinhart, 14, and Brody Reinhart, 11, who killed by their father, Paul O. Reinhart, 46, on May 4 at the family's vacation home near Suwannee in western Florida.

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Court records in the new lawsuit revealed that Reinhart – a former medical device sales executive – attempted to change two, term-life insurance policies on April 26 to prevent his wife, Minde Reinhart, 42, from collecting any of the money upon his death. They were separated at the time and heading toward divorce.