Niche Quest Branding and Publicity SEO Guide to Building Brand Equity Launched

Niche Quest Media of Wilton Connecticut has launched its updated website to focus on the branding and publicity SEO needs of small to mid-sized businesses, real estate companies, and health care facilities. The goal is to improve clients’ online visibility and build brand equity.

Wilton, United States , Feb. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The company’s recently relaunched website is tailored as an educational guide to building brand equity for local businesses, real estate companies, insurance agents, and health care facilities looking to attract new customers through SEO publicity. The agency demonstrates that brands can get established as “experts” in their niche with the right content and search engine optimization, making them the go-to source when consumers are looking for information about their products and services.

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The latest announcement addresses the Niche Quest formula for building a trusted brand with multi-channel customer online visibility. Small to mid-sized businesses can now promote their products and services to dominate their market with access to the same channels as large corporations, celebrities, and politicians at an affordable price.

Customers are saturated with advertisements and tune them out without even realizing it. That is why so many businesses are turning to content marketing – a recent survey showed that 70% of consumers trust local brands that regularly produce custom content. According to information on the Niche Quest website, most consumers favor content over ads.

Building brand equity with content marketing and SEO publicity can take many forms, including news articles, videos, blogs, and podcasts that can help to establish brand identity. According to Ed Winslow, founder of Niche Quest, “Branding and Publicity SEO creates trust, belief and consistent word of mouth sales. One of our clients, a multi-location health care company, was recently purchased for $450 Million validating the effectiveness of our system and the power of brand equity.”

Aside from being a high ROI option for brands looking to increase customer awareness with publicity, content marketing will also help to improve a brand’s search rankings. While potential customers will click through to a brand’s site, they are more likely to show interest in articles that provide them with helpful information rather than ads.

Niche Quest uses content marketing and media campaigns combined with highly targeted hyper-local SEO strategies to improve their client’s search rankings and get them onto the first page of the results or into the Google Maps 3-pack. The 3-pack shows up at the top of the page in over 90% of Google searches, giving any brand listed in it a significant advantage.

A satisfied client said, “I just got another new client from the site Niche Quest created for me. I get more high-quality inquiries than ever before. Ed’s helpful advice has made all the difference, and my company shows up on page 1. I recommend Niche Quest to everyone…except for my competition.”

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