• September 27, 2023

Top strategist David Rosenberg warns of a massive market bubble that could pop this year — and makes a contrarian call to buy Treasury bonds

david rosenberg
David Rosenberg.

Veteran strategist David Rosenberg diagnosed a historic bubble in asset prices, predicted a market correction, and raised the prospect of deflation during a RealVision interview released on January 10.

The Rosenberg Research president warned that US households are overexposed to equities, made the case for buying government bonds, and

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Retired Federal Judge Warns ‘We Are in Political War to the Death’

  • A retired conservative federal judge is warning that America is “in a political war to the death.”
  • Former Judge J. Michael Luttig told the Los Angeles Times “American democracy hangs in the balance.”
  • Luttig, who helped Pence defend the 2020 election results, is deeply concerned about the US. 

A retired conservative

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Expert Warns of 30% Drop After Tapering Starts

  • Stocks face mounting opposition as fears of stagflation build, Lance Roberts said.
  • Roberts is warning about a potential a 30% pullback ahead. 
  • He said Fed tapering would likely be the cause. 

After the stock market’s first 5% pullback in about a year, Lance Roberts likes the outlook in the near term.

But beyond a few

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Expert Warns That 80% Drop in S&P 500 Awaits

  • David Hunter reiterated his call for a steep decline in stocks.
  • He said he expected the S&P 500 to drop as much as 80% from its peak.
  • Hunter said Fed tapering would trigger the crash.

Investors seem nervous — perhaps rightfully so.

Stocks are up 90% from the lows in the past year and a

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