Things To Consider When Shopping For Electric Bikes

Electric cars (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular. The demand for alternative fuel vehicles is greater than ever before. Electric vehicles (EVs) are one such alternative, as they emit no emissions. In India, two-wheelers are a common method of transportation, and electric two-wheelers are becoming more popular as the drive for EVs grows stronger. 

If you’re looking for an Electric Bike Buying Guide because you want to buy an eco-friendly bike or scooter, then keep reading since this article will cover all you need to know about electric two-wheelers.

Electric Two-Wheeler Buying Guide

Purchasing a traditional two-wheeler is simple because there are several models available in various price ranges. However, when it comes to purchasing an electric bike or scooter, your options are restricted, and the complicated working mechanism of an EV makes it difficult to select the proper electric two-wheeler for your needs. 

It’s much easier to acquire a two-wheeled EV if you have a good grasp of how they function. Continue reading to learn about the important factors to consider when purchasing or order electric bike online.

How Can I Save Money When Buying an Electric Bike or Two-Wheeler?

Electric two-wheelers are often more costly than their traditional equivalents. Because it is equipped with a battery pack and an electric engine, a two-wheeled electric vehicle is a sophisticated machine. However, if you consider the following factors while purchasing from ebike online shop for scooter, you can save money:

Tax Benefits/Incentives

The Indian government encourages the use of electric vehicles, and state governments provide incentives for their purchase. Furthermore, while buying electric two-wheelers, you may save money on taxes because the sales tax (GST) on EVs is cheaper than on petrol/diesel cars. So, before making a purchase, look into the potential incentives and tax benefits.

No registration required

Low-speed electric scooters are not required to be registered, and they are also not required to be insured. Riding such electric scooters also does not require a driver’s licence. You will save money on registration and insurance if you purchase a low-speed electric two-wheeler. Low-speed electric scooters are often fitted with low-capacity electric motors and battery packs, with a riding range of 50-60 kilometres. Short-distance riding is best suited for these sorts of vehicles.

Points to consider when purchasing an electric bicycle or two-wheeler

When purchasing an EV, you must select the appropriate electric bike or scooter for your needs. When it comes to buying an electric two-wheeler, there are several variables to consider. The following are some things to think about while purchasing a two-wheeled electric vehicle:


The price is the most important thing to consider when purchasing an electric vehicle. You must first choose your budget and then search for an electric scooter or bike within that price range. The price of an electric two-wheeler is an important factor to consider when making a purchase. Even a slow-speed electric scooter may cost over Rs. 50,000 in today’s market, so bear that in mind before buying an electric two-wheeler.


When it comes to buying an electric two-wheeler, speed is one of the most important considerations. It may be aggravating to ride an underpowered electric bike or scooter since it will not give the pace you anticipate. Before purchasing an electric bike, carefully examine the peak speed and performance data.

Riding Range

The riding range is one of the most important considerations when purchasing an electric two-wheeler. Before opting to purchase an electric bike or scooter, you should conduct extensive study about the riding range of currently available models. The slow-speed electric scooter usually has a range of approximately 50 kilometres, while the high-speed electric scooter has a range of roughly 70-75 kilometres. On a single charge, high-end electric bikes with larger battery packs will have a riding range of roughly 150 kilometres.

Battery Life

One of the most expensive components of an eco-friendly two-wheeler is the battery. So, before you buy an electric bike or scooter, make sure to verify the battery life. The cost of replacing a two-battery wheeler’s pack might be substantial. The life of a battery pack is mostly determined by the kind of battery and how it is used. When compared to lead or nickel batteries, the new lithium-ion battery packs have a longer life.

The performance of an electric two-wheeler is determined by two factors: charging time and riding range. Instead of relying on manufacturer-specified data, look for real-world reviews to establish an electric scooter or motorcycle’s precise riding range and charging time. High-end two-wheeled EVs can even handle fast charging and have a range of more than 100 kilometres. So, before purchasing a battery-powered two-wheeler, be sure to verify these two criteria.

Electric Motor

An electric motor is in charge of distributing electric power to the wheel, which then propels the electric two-wheeler. Electric motors come in a variety of sizes and power levels. Always select an electric bike or scooter with the appropriate power output for your needs. Never buy a low-powered electric vehicle; it will destroy the entire pleasure of having a two-wheeled electric vehicle.

Charging Stations

When you purchase an electric scooter or bike, the manufacturer will normally install a home-charging station at the place of your choice. However, a home charging station is insufficient. The importance of public charging stations cannot be overstated. Check to see whether the electric vehicle manufacturer has a solid network of public charging stations so you may charge your electric two-wheeler while on the road.

Low maintenance cost

When compared to traditional two-wheelers, the cost of maintaining an electric scooter/bike is less. An electric two-wheeler has fewer moving components and requires less maintenance. The lack of an internal combustion engine simplifies maintenance considerably. So, if you’re thinking about buying an electric scooter or bike, you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs because the service intervals are much longer than on traditional bikes and scooters.


Given the current state of electric cars in the country, purchasing an electric two-wheeler is a difficult process. Choosing the correct electric bike or scooter is tough due to the restricted number of possibilities and the complicated workings of EVs.