We’re Reinventing Online Education for Entrepreneurs (Because It Needs It) – Smart Passive Income

The digital world moves pretty fast, but the way experts and leaders are teaching new entrepreneurs hasn’t really changed much over the years. 

And in the digital world, “years” means a very long time

I took my first online course in 2008. Today, they don’t look much different: a video-centric, do-it-yourself solo adventure.

  1. Watch a video lesson.
  2. Do the video lesson thing.
  3. Hope for the best.
  4. Have no one else to really talk to about it.

No wonder the average completion rate for an online course is 15%

Although our average completion rate at SPI is above that number, we still knew that we could do better. In testing various approaches to SPI’s courses, a study by The American Society of Training and Development supported our theory on the importance of accountability in completing online courses. This study found that people are 65 percent more likely to meet a goal after committing to another person; their chance of success increases to 95 percent with ongoing meetings with their accountability partners. This study, coupled with completion rates from thousands of SPI courses taken, shed much-needed light on what has been missing within online courses—the connection and accountability that comes with community. 

With that, we’re thrilled to introduce you to community-powered courses.

Although we didn’t come up with the term itself, it’s exactly what we’ve created here at SPI. 

SPI’s community-powered courses combine the connection and accountability of a professional community with innovative course curricula and custom-built educational pathways. It’s the community that will help propel success with these courses, much like how we all know it’s easier to go to the gym and get better results when you’re doing it alongside others who share a common goal. 

There’s an energy there, but there’s also real support and accountability, too.

SPI’S All-Access Pass

We’ve sold traditional online courses since 2017, but starting in December 2022, we’re changing it up and launching our version of community-powered courses.

With our experience running communities at SPI and micro-testing this kind of curriculum within a community, this is the natural next step for us, and we want to lead the charge for others too.

SPI’s All-Access Pass gives you access to SPI’s trailblazing course catalog with new curriculum and workshops built by experts. (Hence, all-access.)

But gaining entry to our courses alone isn’t the point—that would actually be counter to the goals of what we’re trying to achieve. What you don’t need is more information, it’s the right information at the right time, with the right support system alongside it. 


In addition to our course library and workshops (with new workshops added monthly), you’ll also have access to custom pathways that act like a roadmap to help you reach your business goals faster.

For example, if you’re just starting out in online business and have yet to even pick your niche, you’d go through our Starter Pathway, which works like this:

  1. Start by going through our course Smart from Scratch, to nail your niche and define your target audience. 
  2. Next, build your website and claim your brand online with our course, Build Your Own Brand.
  3. From there, you’re going to want to get into our Traffic Booster Workshop to focus on a couple of ways to begin to drive traffic to your new brand.
  4. And finally, you’ll head into Email Marketing Magic to start building up your email list and a database of potential customers

Or, perhaps you want to start (or have already started) a podcast. You’d be perfect for the Podcasting Pathway:

  1. Work your way through Power-Up Podcasting to get your quality show up and running as soon as possible. 
  2. After that, make your way through our Podcast Advertising Workshop to begin generating revenue from ads and sponsorships relevant to your brand.
  3. Then, Amp’d Up Podcasting will take your podcast from beginner to advanced by automating most of the workload and building a business strategy using your show.
  4. From there, you’re ready to take on the Video Podcasting Playbook Workshop so you can begin to repurpose your content and add it to video platforms for even more reach and findability.

We also have an Income Booster pathway, and more will be added over time.

Learn more here. If you’re interested….

The Future of Community Is Now

The clincher is that with All-Access Pass, you have SPI’s team of experts to support you, as well as opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs in the community.

In addition, we’ll be leading cohorts of students through the various pathways and individual courses. With this, you’ll still have the crucial accountability that comes with a cohort-type setup, without hours of set meeting times.

This is the best of what we have to offer, put into a package that will best support entrepreneurs as they launch and grow their businesses. 

Oh, and the best part—the price of access is significantly cheaper than buying an individual course, which doesn’t include community, custom programming, or the pathways as a part of the package. 

This allows us to support more entrepreneurs, and hold them accountable to achieve their goals with our proven educational materials and the irreplaceable support of our community.

All future courses and workshops will be included in All-Access, and we will be releasing a new workshop about Goal Setting for 2023, led by yours truly, very soon!

We really hope to set an example here in the industry. If you’re interested in learning about building an online business you can be proud of, give our All-Access Pass a try!

Again, check it out here!