Why Should You Go With Smart Insole For The Purpose Of Running?

With the advent of watches, phones, and televisions, it was not long before smart insole would eventually become a thing as well. 

Smart insoles aim to track the way a person runs in a more detailed manner than any running watch. Like a normal insole, they are attached to the inside of a pair of running shoes. But unlike other such insoles, smart insoles are pressured and possess motion sensors that measure and track the running technique used by a person. They also have GPS trackers that sit on either side of a shoe and are connected to its sole. 

The sole is connected to a particular application through Bluetooth that helps to offer feedback on not only the usual stats such as calories burned, heart rate, elevation, splits, pace, time, and distance, but also the balance, pronation, footstrike, length of the step, and cadence. With the help of all such data, the application begins recording the running health score of a person that provides a rating out of 100. 

Areas that smart insoles help with

Hereafter are a few areas where such technology helps a person to become a better and improved runner: 

  • Increased pace 

A person might end up rethinking his running pattern to start from scratch because of the bad habits that might have crept in. With this, pacing himself at the start of every run and increasing the same as he warms up help him to feel much more comfortable. Although this way helps a person run longer distances, the increasing pace becomes necessary. 

By recording some base runs with smart insoles, you will be provided with detailed feedback about how you are running via the app. It helps to specifically know how you performed on each kilometer, and therefore, helps to increase the pace when worked upon without injuring yourself. 

  • Understanding footstrike 

The running health score helps to analyze the running parts that need concentrated efforts, including the gait or footstrike and any other associated pronation. 

Say, for instance, you are well-aware that you are flat-footed. But because of the detailed finding by a smart insole, you will get to know about your overpronated foot strike, which means that you land on the back of your heel and tend to excessively roll your door inwards. It accounts for the injuries you might be on the receiving end of whenever you run, normally behind your knee or glutes. 

With the recording of such information, you will also be provided with tips and techniques for future smart insoles running while getting recommended strength workouts that will help strengthen your legs and glutes. 

  • Avoiding overtraining 

With insoles, you will get to know about the tracked movements with the help of the application you got it connected with. As a result, you will know when to stop before you over-run and spoil your health or capacity to run. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? 


With keeping everything in mind, slip into a new set of insoles into the best running shoes you have, lace them up, and head out. You will be impressed by the results.